Mercado De Al Lado

A project in Food, by growhaus


This project raised 124% of it's goal.

$58,079 raised

$8,079 raised on Neighborhood Catalyst

273 backers

213 of them are Neighborhood Catalyst members

1200 volunteer hours

were contributed by 50 community volunteers

$4,500 in-kind

contributions were donated for the project

Project Highlights

Purchasing an ipad-based POS system and stand to easily check people out. Decorating the mercado with mexican blankets, papel picado, baskets and other items. Printing coupons for residents to get their first box for free. Getting more and more customers at the market every month.

  • It's the Final Day!

    12 Nov 2013

    We’ve reached our final day in which we are able to receive donations, which means we have until midnight to raise $1,269 – or we get nothing! Please consider sharing this campaign with friends, family, and those you may feel would support our cause. We look forward to achieving this goal and celebrating with all of you!

About This Project:

Everyone deserves a healthy meal. But in some communities, healthy food simply isn’t available. The GrowHaus is a non-profit urban farm and education center in one such community – northeast Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. We grow food commercially using hydroponics and aquaponics, and reach over 1000 people of all ages and backgrounds annually through our educational programming.

This year we launched Mercado De Al Lado, our initiative to get fresh, affordable food to our neighbors at an affordable price. We’ve set up a donation-based farmstand and a weekly food box program that offers local and organic produce at Wal-Mart-beating prices. So far, things have been going great – we’re currently selling about 30 boxes every week, and new customers are coming in all the time.

But in order for Mercado De Al Lado to truly make a neighborhood-wide impact, we need your help to invest in its continued growth. In particular, we need to make the following improvements:
- better equipment to store and sort our food box ingredients
- more residents on our staff to help get their neighbors involved
- better marketing materials to spread the word far and wide.
With your help, this campaign will provide The GrowHaus with the necessary capital to take Mercado De Al Lado to the next level!

What we need:



Project Impact:

If our campaign succeeds, we’ll have the means to let thousands more people know about our new program, particularly in Elyria-Swansea and Globeville. We’ll be able to sort and store our food more efficiently, saving hundreds of dollars and many more hours of work. And we’ll be providing economic and leadership opportunities to more residents in of our community.

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